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Editorial: Voyles Shows Leadership on Rural Broadband

Corinth Today Editorial

Alcorn County Supervisor James Voyles should be applauded for taking part in a national webinar Tuesday to seek information about grant money to expand broadband Internet in rural areas.

How often do residents hear elected officials say that the county government does not have enough money?


In recent years, Alcorn County residents have been hit with property tax millage increases to keep revenue flowing to the county coffers.

Therefore, it is vitally important that elected officials seek out grant opportunities to lessen the burden on taxpayers.

Voyles demonstrated Tuesday that he is thinking outside the box and going after outside funding to bring in more revenue and improve the quality of life in Alcorn County.

That is what people want their elected officials to do. Voyles should be recognized for being responsive to his constituents and watching out for their pocketbooks.

When there is the potential for Alcorn County to receive up to $3 million for rural broadband Internet expansion, constituents expect their elected officials to at least look into it. Taxpayers do not like it when elected officials pass tax increases after leaving grant money on the table.

The fact that USDA Rural Development is even willing to offer Alcorn County technical assistance with the grant application is another indicator that the county should apply for this money.

Rural broadband expansion is extremely important to rural prosperity. In fact, a recent USDA report said that rural prosperity cannot be truly achieved without the expansion of high-speed Internet.

Elected officials often express the need for more business and industry, and it seems that improving broadband in rural Alcorn County could help with that goal.

“Investing in broadband can strengthen rural economic growth and improve critical access to jobs, education, health care and social services,” said Anne Hazlett with USDA.

So what are we waiting for?

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  1. M gray M gray April 15, 2018

    Thank you Mr Voyles! I have poor to no internet connection out here! An so need it for work!;this county needs any an all help we can gather!

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