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Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Abortion After 15 Weeks

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

The Mississippi Legislature on Thursday passed a bill to ban abortions after 15 weeks except in cases of medical emergency and severe fetal abnormality.

Gov. Phil Bryant is expected to sign House Bill 1510.

Doctors who violate the 15-week gestational age restriction would have their medical licenses suspended or revoked pursuant to action by the Mississippi State Medical Board of Licensure, the bill says.

If doctors perform an abortion after 15 weeks, they would have to file a report with the Mississippi State Department of Health. The report would have to say the probable gestational age and include a statement saying the abortion was needed to save the mother’s health.

The gestational age would be determined by standard medical practices, the bill says.

The Mississippi House passed the bill Thursday after the Senate approved it earlier this week.

Current state law prohibits abortion after 20 weeks except in certain circumstances.

This bill would reportedly make Mississippi’s abortion law one of the strictest nationally.

Mississippi State Capitol

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