Alcorn County Jail Docket, Feb. 15-19

Everyone listed on the jail docket is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Crystal Lynn French, 24, Corinth Police, shoplifting first;

Daniel Frank Carter, 38, Corinth Police, (warrant) malicious mischief;

Sara Joann Deatheraqe, 23, Corinth Police, DUI first, open container in vehicle;

Timothy Scott Wilson, 32, Corinth Police, possession of paraphernalia, disorderly conduct;

Gordon Dwayne Williams, 59, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, (warrant) failure to appear;

Veronica Ann Graham, 51, Mississippi Department of Corrections, probation violation;

Cody Lane Shook, 30, Corinth Police, DUI second;

Ashley Brooke Switcher, 24, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, (warrant) false pretense;

Shatara Rosemary McGee, 29, Corinth Police, (warrant) shoplifting second;

Damon John Noel, 31, Corinth Police, DUI first;

Zachary Tate Jones, 32, Corinth Police, possession of marijuana, public drunk;

John Wayne Clark, 26, Corinth Police, DUI first;

Kaitlyn Denise Wilbanks, 22, Mississippi Highway Patrol, reckless driving, improper turn, disobey traffic device, wrong side of road, disorderly conduct;

Jackson Boone Porterfield, 18, Mississippi Highway Patrol, DUI first, no driver’s license, no vehicle insurance;

Chevy Neal Wiginton, 30, Mississippi Highway Patrol, DUI first, careless driving;

Matthew Richey Watts, 32, Corinth Police, DUI first;

Shadow Lynn Stover, 28, Corinth Police, shoplifting first;

Brian Keith Agnew, 35, Corinth Police, open container in vehicle;

Amanda Leigh Walts, 32, Corinth Police, open container in vehicle;

Andrea Marie Carter, 44, Corinth Police, shoplifting first, public drunk;

Brandon Anthony Vuckovich, 22, Corinth Police, DUI first;

Travis Lee Hallmark, 27, Corinth Police, DUI first;

Derrick Darnell Carpenter, 30, Corinth Police, domestic violence;

Vinod Kumar, 59, Corinth Police, DUI first, disorderly conduct;

Patsy Lynn Kumar, 58, Corinth Police, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct.

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