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Investigation of ‘Possible Threat’ Against CHS Finds ‘No Credible Evidence’

Staff reports

The Corinth School District received a report Saturday night of a possible threat against Corinth High School, a notification on the school district’s website says.

Below is a picture of the notification from the school district’s website:


  1. lorddon hastings lorddon hastings February 19, 2018

    anyone who threatens a school in anyway should be punished to the fullest extint of the law.i dont care who they are they need to leave our children alone.

    p.s. mr .mitchel keep up the good work your doing on this site,it is more informative than the local newspaper ,thank you

  2. anonymousCMSstudent anonymousCMSstudent February 20, 2018

    Makes me sick that people do this for attention. I knew that someday this would happen to our school. I happen to know some emergency procedures that are much better and well thought out than the teachers say. I may be a student, but I am a student at CMS. If anyone sees this let me know so i can help i may have some (“possible”) suspects and tactics to help and save a lot of people if people listen to me. I won’t give my advice in public because you never know who may read this. If you are a teacher or officer, track this so I can give real help. TRUST ME.

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