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Business Feature Friday: J&B Auto Sales Offers Revitalized Vehicles at Discount

Jimmy Rowsey, who started J&B Auto Sales 37 years ago, looks over a new truck that just came in from Texas. Jimmy owns the business with his son, Brian. (Photos by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Jimmy Rowsey and his son, Brian, have been working together a long time.

In fact, Brian was just a little boy when he started going into work with his dad.

Now, the father-son duo are owners of J&B Auto Sales just a few miles north of Corinth on U.S. Highway 45 in Guys, Tenn.

Since he grew up around the vehicle business, Brian absorbed a lot along the way. Originally, his dad was part owner in a salvage yard before he sold out his portion to start J&B Auto Sales around 37 years ago.

At the time, Brian was only about 12 years old but would still go to the business all the time. As a child, most of his time at the business was spent “trying to stay out of trouble.” He was always trying to find a piece of equipment to operate.

As Jimmy stood in the shop area, he recalled how he got into the vehicle business right after he finished high school in Ramer. He grew up on a farm but did not want to do that for a living, so he went to work for a salvage yard for $5 per day in 1958.

About 10 years later, Jimmy bought into the salvage yard and was a part owner until he decided to sell his share and open J&B Auto Sales.

J&B Auto Sales purchases wrecked vehicles through insurance companies and restores them to sell at discounted prices. Most of the vehicles come from the Southeast and primarily include pickup trucks and SUVs from around the years 2006 and up.

A lot of the vehicles have low mileage and can be sold for thousands of dollars less than a traditional car lot, Jimmy said. Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge are some of the main brands on the lot.

J&B just got a Ford F-150 Platinum in from Texas with an immaculate interior. The front-end had damage from an accident, and J&B was going to fix that up to make it look good and drive well again, Jimmy said.

The vehicles are state inspected before they are sold, Brian said. In fact, an inspector was there Thursday examining the bottom of a truck.

Jimmy said J&B brings new life into vehicles by rebuilding them after crashes. J&B warranties all of the vehicles, and, of course, customers are welcome to have the vehicles independently checked out before purchase.

Many people from Corinth purchase from J&B Auto Sales, Brian said. The fact that the business has been around almost 40 years is an advantage, he added.

Jim McCarter is a satisfied J&B Auto Sales customer who also does a little work for the business. He has bought three cars and a truck from J&B and is “110 percent satisfied.”

“These boys do a good job,” McCarter said.

The dealership’s inventory can be seen online by clicking here.

J&B Auto Sales is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. It can be reached at (731) 239-8486.

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