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Mickey Gilley, Johnny Lee Looking Forward to Corinth Show Friday

The show is Friday at the Corinth Coliseum.

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today

Famous country music performers Johnny Lee and Mickey Gilley will perform at the Corinth Coliseum on Friday at 7 p.m.

Both performers took a few minutes to answer some questions from Corinth Today.

Gilley said people should enjoy the show because, “It’s a variety in country music, and we’ve had 25-plus No. 1 songs and we use video to explain the stories behind the music.”

Questions for Mickey Gilley:

How does it feel to perform in your home state of Mississippi?

“Well, I was born in Natchez, MS, in 1936 but I grew up in Louisiana.”

What is it like to be a musician from the state known as the “Birthplace of America’s Music?”

“I’ve been playing music for 50-plus years, so it feels great.”

Did you know that Carl Perkins got married in Alcorn County?

“I did not know that but I like Carl, knew him and worked with him on a TV show in Nashville.”

Do you still keep in touch with your cousins Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart?

“I see Jerry Lee about once every year, but I haven’t seen Jimmy in over 15 years, although I do see him on TV every now and then when I watch his program.”

How are you feeling after the furniture-moving accident that left you temporarily paralyzed from the neck down?

“My hands have not returned to me, but I have a seven-piece band and we try to make it sound as close to the recording as we can, but at the present time I’m feeling fantastic.”

Questions for Johnny Lee:

What was it like serving with the U.S. Navy?

“It was my honor to serve my country.”

Did you get to play music when you were in the military?

“Not a lot, they had me doing other things.”

What was it like to be inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame?

“I’m most thankful for that because they did it while I was alive and still could enjoy it. It’s awesome, I’m still very proud; proud to be a Texan, proud to be a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame there.”

Do you think the Internet has made “lookin’ for love” easier or caused people to look for love in “too many places?” (One of Lee’s most well-known songs is “Lookin’ for Love (in All the Wrong Places).”

“Lookin’ for love is easy, finding it is the hard part. Whatever it takes, you never know when the love bug might bite ya.”

Do you agree with the Alabama song that, “If you’re gonna play in Texas, you’ve gotta have a fiddle in the band?”

“It’s always nice to have a good fiddle player, sometimes I do sometimes I don’t, but if I don’t I still play all over Texas.”

For tickets contact the Corinth Coliseum at (662) 664-1836, and for more show information click here.

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  1. Laura Kay Hall Laura Kay Hall February 15, 2018

    I can’t wait till Friday the closer it gets the more excited I get I have VIP TICKETS and I never had those kind of tickets

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