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Corinth Mayor Plans Meeting to Discuss Playground

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Corinth Mayor Tommy Irwin said he plans to meet with local park officials next week to discuss the Crossroads Regional Park playground, which was closed in July due to safety concerns.

A specific date had not been set for the meeting.

Irwin said it is “absolutely” important for him to address issues with the playground for the benefit of local children.

Over the years, the playground had suffered from some deterioration.

The mayor said it was too early to discuss specific plans for the playground. More details were expected to be available after next week’s meeting.

Corinth/Alcorn Parks and Recreation Director Ray Holloway and possibly a park board member are expected to participate in the meeting, the mayor said.

Holloway could not be reached for comment.

The mayor said he may be the only official from the city of Corinth who attends the meeting.


One Comment

  1. Peggy Holder Peggy Holder January 5, 2018

    Something definitely needs to be done about this playground and how sad that it is in such deplorable condition anyway. The volunteers who worked so diligently to make it possible in the first place thought it would be taken better care of and shown more respect. How can we be assured that improvements or even new equipment will fare any better until our children of all ages are taught to respect what is provided for them to enjoy not abuse as well as everything about their community.

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