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Kossuth Family Has Fun Making Snow

The Bradford family of Kossuth sits on top of the large snow hill in their backyard Wednesday. Dusty Bradford, an engineer, developed a machine to make snow. Pictured are Dusty and Mary Allison Bradford and their children Allie and Hayden. (Photo by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

A Kossuth family’s backyard looks more like a Colorado ski resort than Alcorn County.

Allie Bradford, 7, and her 4-year-old brother, Hayden, laughed and played on a big hill of snow Wednesday.

Even adults, including their mom, Mary Allison Bradford, have fun sledding at high speeds down the steep snow hill.

Hayden crawled through a tunnel from one side of the snow hill to the other, and some have tried snowboarding the slope.

The extreme cold temperatures that have hit Alcorn County in the past week have created good conditions for Dusty Bradford to manufacture the snow that blankets the family’s backyard.

As his wife and children played in the snow, Dusty crunched through the pristine precipitation and walked toward his machine as it blew more powder.

Dusty, an engineer at Caterpillar in Corinth, pointed out a series of nozzles and hoses and explained how his machine works with the help of an air compressor, car wash water pump and other parts.

He explained that the machine grows ice crystals and said “it’s pretty good snow.”

As the temperature dropped Wednesday evening, the machine began producing sheets of snow that added to the already impressive accumulation. The machine’s been producing snow over the past several days. His water bill may be a little higher than normal, but it’s still cheaper than traveling to Colorado.

When one prepares to sled down the snow hill it can be intimidating because it is so steep. The sled quickly accelerates, and the rider holds on tight to avoid wiping out on the approximately 100-yard ride.

Dusty has been making snow several years and has improved his method over time. In addition to providing lots of fun for the family, the snow also makes a pretty scene that is not often seen in Mississippi. The children agreed that it is pretty cool to have a dad who can make snow.


  1. Regina Sparks Regina Sparks January 4, 2018

    I just have no clue why anyone would want snow, that is one reason people live in the aouth, we don’t get that much snow, because we don’t really like it. Just my opinion. Move further north maybe they hAve plenty.

  2. Debrea Gordon Debrea Gordon January 4, 2018


  3. Candy Candy January 16, 2018

    Kids love snow.. and having the ability to make snow when you want to deal with it is awesome… my son would love something like this for sure and I am okay with snow as long as I can still drive on the roads.. LOL.. but moved around a lot and stationed in Germany and South Dakota so what little we do get here doesn’t bother me anymore at all HAHAHA…. I am sure his kids had a blast and them to from the look no their faces… At least he is doing something with them as a family something that we honestly don’t see that much of anymore… Bless them for their smiles I do hope has blessed someone else…

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