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Bill Would Allow Teachers to Carry Concealed Guns at School

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Teachers and principals could carry concealed firearms on school grounds under a bill sponsored by State Rep. Lester Carpenter, R-Burnsville.

Allowing one or two trained personnel to carry concealed firearms could make schools more secure, Alcorn School District Superintendent Larry Mitchell said. Potential perpetrators may be more reluctant to carry out an act on a school campus if they knew armed employees were present, Mitchell added.


Carpenter agreed, saying, “This would be an added level of protection.”

It would be important to keep confidential which employees were authorized to carry firearms, Mitchell said. Furthermore, Mitchell said the firearm would need to stay in the employee’s possession and not be kept in a desk, for instance.

Under the bill, school boards could develop a policy to allow teachers and administrators to carry concealed firearms to enhance student safety. The school board’s policy would have to be approved by the state department of education and the state department of public safety.

School employees would have to be licensed to carry concealed weapons and pass a firearm safety class.

Corinth Superintendent Dr. Lee Childress could not be reached for comment on the bill.

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  1. Scott Scott January 3, 2018

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Might have stopped some of the school shootings that occurred in the past, or at least reduced the number of people injured or killed.

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