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Class of 1942 Members Grateful for Friendship

Marie Suitor Scott, Artie Mills Pardue and Ruby Phillips Rickman. (Submitted Photo)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

As the three classmates from 1942 sat by each other in wheelchairs, one of them tried to remember the words to the old school song.

“AAHS see our banner fly . . .,” sang Gladys Marie Suitor Scott, who was the valedictorian of the Alcorn Agricultural High School class of 1942.

The rest of the words to the school song escaped Scott as she sat with two other classmates, Ruby Phillips Rickman and Artie Mills Pardue.

“That’s as far as I can go,” Scott said.

Rickman, Pardue and Scott say they are the only surviving members of the former AAHS, currently known as Kossuth High School.

They were friends 75 years ago when they graduated, and they are still friends today.

“We all tried to be friends together in that class I think,” Scott said.

Rickman agreed, saying, “It was a real close class.”

They are grateful to still have each others company.

“I’m thankful to the good Lord giving me these extra days, and I ask him every day for me to live a life by my actions, and my words and my thoughts that would honor Him,” Scott said.

All three of them remember being friends in high school. Asked if they have changed since then, Rickman said, “Well, we’ve gotten older.”

Rickman and Pardue are 95, and Scott is 93.

“She’s the younger one,” Pardue said, referring to Scott. “They are my good friends. We like to be together.”

Scott said she was honored to be the AAHS valedictorian of the class of ’42.

“I was more grateful to my heritage and the good Lord to give me the ability to do those things,” Scott added.

Rickman and Pardue live at MS Care Center of Alcorn County, and Scott goes there for physical therapy.

Scott was a teacher and Pardue worked for Weaver’s Pants Factory. Rickman also worked for Weaver’s but moved to Indiana and worked for a company that made windshield wipers.

All three have children and grandchildren.

Merrie Jones with MS Care Center said, “They’re all wonderful ladies. They’re excited to be here together. They get together and start talking about old times. I just thinks that’s pretty sweet.”

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