Corinth Chargers Have Big Game Against Shannon Saturday

Red Clark, who owns the Corinth Chargers peewee football league with Xavier Neal, speaks with players. (Courtesy Photos/Corinth Chargers)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

The Corinth Chargers peewee football league will be on the road Saturday as they play Shannon.

Three Chargers teams will play in the game Saturday in Shannon— the 7- and 8-year-olds, 9-10 and 11-12.

This will be a particularly big game for the 11-12-year-old team since many of those players were on the 9-10 team when they lost to Shannon in the Super Bowl last year.

Currently, the 11-12-year-old team is tied for No. 1 with Shannon and Aberdeen, said Xavier Neal, who owns the Corinth Chargers with Red Clark.

The 9-10-year-old team is currently tied in third place with the Columbus Cowboys, and the 7-8-year-old team is No. 1.

After Saturday, there will be one more game left in the regular season, and that will be the homecoming game next Saturday versus West Point at the Corinth Middle School football field.

The Chargers have their sights set on the Super Bowl this year. Last year, the 7-8 and 9-10 teams went to the Super Bowl but lost.

This year, the Super Bowl will be at Itawamba Community College and will be held Nov. 11.

“It’s a competitive league,” said Neal, adding that he is proud of the hard work put in by the children.

He also praised the Chargers cheerleaders for their support of the team.

The Chargers formed several years ago to teach children football techniques and character skills. The coaches put a big emphasis on the players behaving in school and making good grades. Between the three Chargers teams, there are a total of about 58 players.

The Corinth Chargers Cheerleaders.

Xavier Neal, who owns the Corinth Chargers peewee football team with Red Clark, says there is a huge emphasis put on the players’ grades and behavior. (Courtesy Photos/Corinth Chargers)

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  1. aniyametcalf says:

    i was on the corinth chargers team and i am going to do it again this year

  2. aniyametcalf says:

    i was on the chargers team and i am again this year

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