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‘Damsel in Distress’ Thanks Corinth Residents for Kind Service

Editor’s Note: A woman submitted this letter to Corinth Today to thank local residents for helping her when her car broke down.

Dearest City of Corinth,

I travel Louisiana and Mississippi for a living.

I am always in my vehicle. She is my mobile office.

But yesterday evening on the way out of Corinth, after visiting a customer, she let me down. Heading south on 45, she quit running whilst I was moving and I had to cautiously creep to the side of the road. Other motorists slowed around me and I was able to start her up again. I tried to limp her over to the closest service station but she kept scaring me half-to-death every time she shut down. I chose to call for help and stay put.

As a very stubborn woman on the road by her lonesome, I can tell you that I hate nothing more than being the Damsel in Distress. Absolutely NOTHING. But there I was in the parking lot of Albright’s Supply Company, under the warm Mississippi sun, seven and half hours from home with a car I’m too scared to get back into.

Although closed, the gracious people of Albright’s Supply Company let me soak up the much appreciated air conditioning of their lobby while calling/waiting for a tow truck.

Through a mutual friend, Deputy Chief James Bryant, of the Corinth Fire Department, heard I was stranded and came to my rescue. The car started and I nervously followed him down the street to Corinth Automotive.

Even though I was a stranger to him, he made sure I was taken care of, made me promise to call if I needed anything, and left me in the trustworthy hands of Mr. Junior and his pit crew as they took a look at their newest patient. They were so great and patient as I made silly sounds to re-enact the car’s recent misbehavior.

The diagnosis was a night in Corinth until a part arrives.

I cancelled my room in Meridian, where I was meant to wake up on Friday, and landed at the Holiday Inn Express. There, yet another wonderful Corinthian, Mr. Leon, seemed to see/feel my stress and calmly checked me in with the zen-like demeanor of a Buddhist monk. Soothing me after a long day of being horribly and miserably sick, being on day 4 of traveling, and having had three scary car shut-downs.

Deputy Chief Bryant called to make sure I was safe and my adventure was over for the day.

According to the city’s crest, the City of Corinth promises “Pride and Service”.

If the rest of the Corinthians (I’m assuming would be the title of your citizens) are as wonderfully warm as the people of Albright’s Supply Company, Deputy Chief Bryant, Mr. Junior, and Mr Leon, Corinth should indeed be proud.

Many thanks to them for being such fabulous representatives of Corinth.

With much appreciation and sincerity

A damsel, no longer in distress.

-Ms. Ray Cloutier

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  1. April Wagoner April Wagoner May 19, 2017

    Great to hear she was well taken care of. Great job to all the wonderful Alcorn citizens. Makes me proud to live here and that Ms. Cloutier was kind enough to let us publicly know how well she was treated while on her unexpected stay.
    Thank you Ms. Cloutier

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