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County to Pay Corinth Gas & Water More Than $40,000 for Under Billing

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Alcorn County will pay Corinth Gas & Water more than $40,000 because the county correctional facility was under billed for a number of months.

The county supervisors on Monday agreed to pay the amount over a 12-month period with no interest.

That means an additional $3,375 in extra cost will be added onto the county’s bill each month for a year starting in February.

The under billing occurred because somehow a bypass valve was opened and the water bypassed the meter, said Chancery Clerk Greg Younger.

The problem started around August of 2015 and was not discovered until around July of this year, Younger said.

The under billing may have gone unnoticed initially because there were no inmates in the facility for a period of time, Younger said. But the meter continued to show no readings when the inmates returned, he said.

The under billing was related to water and sewer usage. Of the total that the county will pay to Corinth Gas & Water, $24,040 is for water and about $16,471 is for sewer.


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