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Egg Bowl Excitement In the Air at Borroum’s

Fans at Borroum's Drug Store in downtown Corinth are looking forward to egg Bowl on Saturday in Oxford. (Photo by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)
Fans at Borroum’s Drug Store in downtown Corinth are looking forward to the Egg Bowl on Saturday in Oxford. (Photo by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Saturday’s Egg Bowl game between Mississippi State and Ole Miss was a lively topic of conversation at Borroum’s Drug Store in downtown Corinth.

One Ole Miss fan said he does not feel “too good” about the game, saying, “We’ve got a few problems at Ole Miss right now.”

However, he acknowledged that MSU has also faced issues with its football team this season.

“It’s going to be a tough game,” he said.

Both Mississippi State and Ole Miss beat Texas A&M this year but lost other games to schools such as South Alabama and Vanderbilt, respectively.

An MSU fan at Borroum’s noted that Mississippi State beat Teaxas A&M by more points than Ole Miss did. That could be a prediction that MSU will beat the Rebels Saturday, the State fan said.

Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell

The Ole Miss fans say their team will be motivated to beat State so the Rebels can go to a bowl game. But the State fan said the Bulldogs will be equally motivated to take that bowl game chance away from Ole Miss.

To get a clear idea on what Saturday’s Egg Bowl might bring, it might be necessary to talk with a neutral party. One man at Borroum’s said, “I’m from LSU,” adding, “I’m pulling for both of them. I’ve got friends from Ole Miss. I’ve got friends from State. I’m just up here to see a good football game.”

He and his friends at the table said they will be at the Egg Bowl in Oxford, and he said he thinks it will be just as electric as a game at the Swamp in Baton Rouge.

One Ole Miss fan at Borroum’s predicted a 10-point victory for the Rebels.

“I think overall they’ve still got more talent, and I think they’ve got something to prove, and plus they’re playing for a bowl game,” he said.

Another Ole Miss fan noted that the game will be played in Oxford, which should help the Rebels.

That same fan disputed that the Bulldogs would be propelled by the excitement built up around former MSU Quarterback Dak Prescott, who is excelling for the Dallas Cowboys.

“That won’t do them any good.”

However, an Ole Miss fan at the table gave Prescott high praise for how well he has done for the Cowboys.

“Dak is incredible,” he said. “I’m an Ole Miss fan, but I’m a huge Dak fan and a Cowboys fan.”

The MSU fan agreed that “Dak is doing a great job. He ‘s representing Mississippi State. I’m glad to have him on our side.”

The man from LSU lamented that Prescott, “came from Louisiana, and we didn’t have enough sense to sign him.”

It seems that the State vs. Ole Miss rivalry does not even stop at the NFL level. The only game that Dak has lost with the Cowboys was against the New York Giants, whose quarterback is former Ole Miss quarterback Eli Manning.

The LSU guy once again lamented that Manning was another player Louisiana lost to a Mississippi school.

The atmosphere at the Egg Bowl on Saturday will be like a “fog in London– It will be about that thick.”

One fan added that the Egg Bowl is a “dog fight. It’s not pretty.”

This game is all about the bragging rights for a year.

“If you’ve got the upper hand, you don’t have to listen to all that ridicule and all that badmouthing,” an Ole Miss fan said.

The MSU fan said he is not going to the Egg Bowl in Oxford, saying, “I can’t go to that place. It’s against by Bulldog beliefs.”

However, the State fan noted that MSU and Ole Miss fans are friendly foes.

“We’re rivals, but we’re not bitter. I think we’re all friends.”

Still, he agreed that the atmosphere between the fans can get tense during the Egg Bowl.

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