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At Borroum’s, the Ole Miss, Alabama Game Is a Matter of Debate

These Ole Miss fans are looking forward to the game Saturday versus Alabama. (Photo by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)
These Ole Miss fans are looking forward to the game Saturday versus Alabama. (Photo by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

At Borroum’s Drug Store in downtown Corinth on Friday the talk was about the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game this weekend.

“I think we’re going to beat Alabama,” said an Ole Miss fan who sat with a group of friends in the diner. “I think we’re going to pull that trick play on them like we did last year when it bounced off his helmet.”

Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell

Down the way in the restaurant, an Alabama fan enjoyed his lunch and said that helmet bounce pass was luck and an answer to a prayer.

The Ole Miss fan disagreed that the play was luck, saying, “No, no we worked a week on that play before we ran it. We’re going to score that play the first play.”

A fellow Ole Miss fan at the table said it was perfectly executed.

And last year Ole Miss beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The men sitting around the table at Borroum’s said the Ole Miss fans will welcome Alabama to Oxford.

“If you’re going to whip a man you just pat him on the back,” one fan said. “Then you whip him. That’s what we’re going to do. Isn’t that right, gentlemen?”

However, the word on the street is that it’s hard to beat Nick Saban’s team three years in a row.

One of the men said the fan atmosphere from both teams is “going to be so thick you can cut it with a knife. It’ll look like you cut out a paper doll.”

The Ole Miss fans at the table do not think they are being overconfident.

“I think we’ve proven the last two years that we can play with them anytime they want to play. We’re not scared of them. We’re going to play our game. Our talent level is getting up to where their talent level is, where we can play with them year in and year out.”

One of the Ole Miss fans said he thinks Alabama’s offense will be “better than average” but not as good as Ole Miss’.

Meanwhile, the Alabama fan sat quietly at the far end of the restaurant eating his lunch. He noted that even though Ole Miss beat Bama last year that the Crimson Tide were still the national champions.

”So it really doesn’t mater if they lose to them or not,” the Bama fan said.

He acknowledged that if “Ole Miss shows up” that Bama could lose.

“I don’t like them (Ole Miss), but they’re good,” he added. “To be honest with you I hope Alabama beats them by 35.”

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