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Former Addicts Show Courage by Sharing Stories

Several former addicts from the local area shared how they achieved peace of mind through sobriety.
Several former addicts from the local area said they achieved peace of mind through sobriety.

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

I have been amazed by the courage shown by people in Corinth who have stepped forward to publicly talk about their struggles with substance abuse.

They told their stories in hopes of helping others who are struggling.

A young woman who has been clean for six years opened up about her past drug abuse to bring more community awareness of this “taboo” issue.

The fact that she was willing to talk to a reporter about her past struggles in order to help others took an extraordinary amount strength, courage and honesty.

Her past drug use included methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine. She talked about everything she lost from addiction and the life she gained from sobriety. She is a true inspiration that many people should look up to.

Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell

She shared her story as part of a series of articles Corinth Today did on mental health and substance abuse problems in Alcorn County.

Other past addicts have also shared their stories with Corinth Today in hopes of helping others. One woman who struggled with addiction said she realized she could not change on her own and needed God.

She spent time in jail and lost a nursing career due to addiction, but now she is clean and wants others to know that there is hope and healing. She is now going to school to be a therapist and has also undergone a physical transformation by committing herself to physical fitness.

Another past-addict talked to Corinth Today about his struggles with methamphetamine. He shared personal stories about how the drug impacted his life. He does not even remember his first son being born.

But now he is clean and gives all the glory to God. He and his wife just had a new baby, and now he is “beyond happy” because he has peace.

Likewise, the person who helped him get sober also used to be an addict and got clean because of Jesus. He talked about how he used to stick 12-15 needles a day in his arm. But now he has been clean for many years and has devoted his life to helping others who struggle with addiction.

Now he feels he is the most blessed person alive.

The series of stories that Corinth Today did on mental health and substance abuse problems in Alcorn County highlighted many issues. Officials told Corinth Today that the region is facing major drug problems, particularly with methamphetamine.

Hopefully, others who are struggling will get help and also go from addict to inspiration.

To read the mental health/substance abuse series click here.

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  1. kathie kerr kathie kerr August 29, 2016

    thank you josh for investigating a silence epidemic. the new way of dealing with recovery is to not keep your problems in the dark. addiction should not be a shameful thing to discuss. it is not a weakness, it is a chemical and brain disorder. the only thing i might suggest is to interview those who did not get clean. what are there challenges? triggers? what can help them? also, since this is a family disease, i would love to hear from moms and dads on their journeys.

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