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Cooking, golf call Corinth woman’s name

By Ginna Parsons

Corinth Today

CORINTH – Ginna Bumpas has two weaknesses: cooking and golf.

The Corinth native began cooking meals for her family when she was 10 or 12.

Lauren Wood | Buy at Ginna Bumpas, Cook of the Week.
Lauren Wood | Buy at
Ginna Bumpas, Cook of the Week.

“Mother worked outside the home and she would step me through the things for the meal,” said Bumpas, 73. “There was a lady in our community – Mary Rogers – who I could call and she’d step me through it too so I didn’t have to bother my mother at work when I had a question.”

By the time she and her husband, Wayne, married some 54 years ago, she could put a full meal on the table.

“The more you cook, the better you get,” said Bumpas, who worked in insurance and payroll for 40 years at Magnolia Hosiery, her husband’s family’s business, before retiring in 2008.

“I said 40 years was long enough,” she said. “Now, my profession is cooking and golfing.”

She’ll be preparing the Thanksgiving meal on Thursday for her family, which includes two sons, three grandchildren and a great-grandchild. Wayne will smoke a turkey, ham and pork loin, and she’ll fix the sides, like dressing with giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, strawberry salad, sweet and sour green beans and broccoli casserole, plus two or three desserts.

“I try to cook things for Thanksgiving that my family requests,” she said. “I get such a blessing out of cooking for others. I cook for my sister-in-law and I cook and give food to my kids and to people who are sick.”

Bumpas has been into golf about 35 years and plays every Thursday with a group of women at Hillendale Country Club. She was the women’s golf champion there for 13 years in a row but she hasn’t competed in that tournament since 1995.

“When we moved into a house on the golf course, my husband played and he encouraged me to play out of his bag,” she said. “They couldn’t believe I had a God-given talent for golf. I shoot an average of 75 to 80. My husband taught me to play, but when I started beating him, he quit. He hasn’t picked up a club in years.”

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